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A beautiful red press-on with a glossy finish.

If looks could kill, this daring red would be guilty.


Length: Long
Shape: Coffin
Finish: Glossy


Our press-on nails are an easy and cost-effective way to have an instant manicure. Each nail set comes with 24 different sized nails to help you find the perfect fit. These nails can be used multiple times with both application methods.

What’s in each box?

Each box is equipped with 24 nails, nail glue, sticker adhesives, a nail file, and a cuticle pusher.

Shape: Ballerina/Coffin shape. Please note all nails can be filled and shaped into the shape of your liking


Prep Your Nails

  1. Clean nails with polish remover or alcohol.
  2. Wash hands with soap; dry hands.
  3. Choose 10 artificial nails closest to the size of your fingernails.

Tip: Nails are sized by numbers found underneath the tip of the nails.

Glue Application (RECOMMENDED)

  1. Apply glue to the back of the artificial nail; use a full drop of glue for best results.
  2. Apply glue to the natural nail.
  3. Apply the artificial nail, gently pressing on the nail and holding for 10 seconds.

Tip: Nails can be trimmed, filed, or painted with nail polish, like real nails.

Sticker Application

  1. Apply stickers to natural nails, press & smooth.
  2. Align nail with cuticle and press down firmly.

Tip: Press down on each nail for a full minute after sticking for the best results.

Glue Application Removal

  1. Soak nails in acetone until softened.
  2. Gently wipe off nails.
  3. Do not pull or force off nails.

Sticker Application Removal

  1. Apply or soak nails in polish remover.
  2. When softened, gently peel off nails.


Which method of application lasts longer?

For longer use, we recommend using the glue application. For short term wear, we recommend the sticker adhesive application.

Will press-on nails damage my natural nail?

Both methods are safe to use and will not damage your natural nails. The sticker adhesive can be removed instantly. The glue application will break down the longer you wear the nails, making removal easy and damage-free.

What do I do if my press-on nail comes off?

If using the sticker application, we recommend peeling off the old sticker and using a new one. If using glue application, we recommend adding more glue to the back of the artificial nail, as well as your natural nail before popping the nail back on. Our glue applicator is travel-size and can be taken anywhere just in case you need to re-apply glue to a nail!

Can I shorten or change the shape of a press-on nail?

Yes! Simply shorten or shape the nail by using the file included in the box, or use nail clippers. We recommend waiting at least 30 minutes after the nail application to file or cut the nails to ensure the press-on and natural nails have bonded.

At this time due to COVID-19 regulations and precautions, all sales are final. Please email us at tellanails@thiswon.com if you have any issues with your shipment or order. 


  • Tracking number for every order
  • Safe payments via Shopify and Paypal
  • No hidden fees
  • Beautiful press-on manicures made easy

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 6 reviews
      Love them!

      Easy to apply and perfect for the holidays!

      Worth it!

      Not only do I love the color choices, but I loved how easy it was to put the nails on & how durable they were. I wore the nails with their original length for a week & then shaped them down to a shorter length for a change up the following week. I actually experimented with a few different colors that I might not ever have in a traditional nail salon as a result of the affordable cost & ease of use.

      Favorite press on nails

      These press ons are incredible! My absolute favorite. They last so long and don’t chip or wear. The shape and color is stunning

      Beautiful Color

      I have an insane schedule so it’s not always easy to get my nails done! Tella Nails has made it SO EASY for me to always have nice nails (with a pop of color) whenever I need it! Thankful for how easy, convenient and afford it is. I will definitely order again!!

      Cute nails for great value

      I actually really liked these and will buy again. They were a big long for my liking but the nail kit came with a file so I was easily able to shorten to my desired length.