Brand Story


Tella Nails was founded by two driven and passionate sisters who discovered the true value of press-on manicures during the pandemic. With the lack of quality press-on nails in the market, Paulina and Sabrina were on a mission to create salon-quality nails that are reusable and the fraction of the cost of a salon-visit. With the goal of creating a press-on manicure that was accessible, high-quality, affordable as well as size-inclusive, Tella Nails was born.

Our first collection, The Bouquet Collection, was inspired by flowers from our Mother's garden, where we spent the first half of our quarantine. The Bouquet Collection focuses on solid shades that are both classic and contemporary. 

Sabrina's favorite color in the collection is Iris while Paulina's favorite color in the collection is Primrose, which truly shows their different styles. 

Fun fact: The name "Tella" derives from their mother's first name "Donnatella". 

Made With Love, 
Paulina & Sabrina