Which method of application lasts longer?

For longer use, we recommend using the glue application. For short term wear, we recommend the sticker adhesive application.

Will press-on nails damage my natural nail?

Both methods are safe to use and will not damage your natural nails. The sticker adhesive can be removed instantly. The glue application will break down the longer you wear the nails, making removal easy and damage-free.

What do I do if my press-on nail comes off?

If using the sticker application, we recommend peeling off the old sticker and using a new one. If using glue application, we recommend adding more glue to the back of the artificial nail, as well as your natural nail before popping the nail back on. Our glue applicator is travel-size and can be taken anywhere just in case you need to re-apply glue to a nail!

Can I shorten or change the shape of a press-on nail?

Yes! Simply shorten or shape the nail by using the file included in the box, or use nail clippers. We recommend waiting at least 30 minutes after the nail application to file or cut the nails to ensure the press-on and natural nails have bonded.

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